Develop off-premise and on-premise tools and programming. Communicate an inspiring and more premium attitude to the millennial demographic. Focus on the product versatility and the three layers of flavour of Bulldog Gin. 

We invite our consumers to come to a world filled with exotic ingredients that dazzle our senses and project colours so bright that they jump off a premium black textured background.


There are 12 different botanicals sourced from all corners of the world that make up Bulldog’s unique taste profile.


The display rack design is a bookend of our bottle with a 3-tier rack. The footer of the display is a print that shows a scene of grass, flowers, trees and a lemon yellow sun. The bottles, however, are made up of two pieces of clear acrylic forming a vacuum. With a print on the front of the base acrylic, we can fill the space with plastic ingredients from our world. We can have spacers in a couple areas to let the type of the bottle show.


The window display design is a larger installation of our case card visual. Messaging has adhered to the second surface of the window and a custom cruiser is branded with Bulldog markings. The cruiser can be static or mounted on a treadmill as it travels through our world with freshly picked ingredients in the basket and an oversized bottle on the back luggage rack. The bottle can be illuminated at night. The bike serves as a dealer loader.


This nightlife ritual is attractive as it is playful. It is a mini fish tank with an empty copa glass in the middle. This is a larger version of the popular hand-held aquatic ring toss games of the 80’s. It is walked through the crowd with a bottle and sparklers in tow. Once at its destination, drinks are poured and guests engage when they take their turn at pushing the bubble buttons to toss ingredients into the copa glass.


To echo our concept this kit is branded on the front with one the ingredient scenes and has an unusual way of an opening when inviting you to our world. It could be made out of suede, canvas or printed leather, and the interior is a flocked styrofoam tray. The case is secured by a zipper closure.


Modest bottle service tray


Serving platter


On-premise mirror


Bar utensils

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